matthias kretschmann

designer & developer


Between 2015 and 2017, I was co-designing and leading the UI design & development for various web properties of ChartMogul. I played a key role in creating a components-based UI design system and incorporating it across all web touchpoints.

ChartMogul is a SaaS platform that provides analytics and business intelligence solutions for subscription-based businesses. It helps businesses to track, analyze, and visualize important metrics and trends to make informed decisions and optimize their growth.

The main website, including landing pages, was built as a static site using Jekyll and a custom Gulp-based build pipeline. Meanwhile, the blog was powered by WordPress with a custom theme.

In addition to designing and implementing new features, I also maintained the front-end of the ChartMogul application and refactored most of its front-end codebase.

Michelle Myung was responsible for directing the branding, design, and key visuals of ChartMogul.

Showcase image no. 1 for ChartMogul
Showcase image no. 2 for ChartMogul
Showcase image no. 3 for ChartMogul
Showcase image no. 4 for ChartMogul
Showcase image no. 5 for ChartMogul

Tools & Technologies The tech stack I was involved with.

  • Sketch
  • Affinity Designer
  • Illustrator
  • HTML
  • SCSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Jekyll
  • Gulp
  • WordPress
  • Travis
  • AWS S3
  • Cloudflare
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Backbone.js